Episode 2: Expectations vs. Reality



Hello, Ladies and Gentleman, and welcome to Voiced By Webb

My name is Emanuel Webb, and I’m a freelance voice-over talent. With becoming a voice over talent, I had some preconceived notions about what it takes to get into the industry and succeed. Here’s a few of those expectations I had that I’m sure others have as well:

My first assumption was that because I have a good voice. This should be easy.

I would constantly get complimented about my voice either on the phone, in music, or from podcast episodes. I figured this would be an easy transition from rapping and talking. The reality hit in the first week of voice training. Sounding good and Voice Acting are COMPLETELY different from each other. If you don’t sound convincing about the story you’re trying to tell, why would anyone want to hear it?

One of many worries I had was that I can’t do a bunch of diverse/funny voices.

When I was getting started, I was worried that I couldn’t change my voice to sound like a cartoon character, or a supercharged “Sunday Sunday SUNDAY!” Announcer. But I found out that not every project is asking for that. Once again, you have to sound like you mean what you say, regardless of how you speak.

Another obstacle (or what I thought was an obstacle) was that I needed a whole studio and an expensive mic to do well in voice over.

What used to keep me from making the jump (and what might be stopping others as well) was thinking I didn’t have the “perfect equipment”. It was kind of like how kids used to think that if you have the newest shoes, they make you run faster and jump higher. But after a while, I realized this was just an excuse. Most people succeed by doing what they can with what they have. Eventually, you work your way up to better equipment, not start off with it. 

And with that, I’m about to call it a night. If you’d like to hear more, leave a comment on what you’d like me to speak on for the next episode.  You can follow me on Twitter at Webb859, on Instagram at webb.859, LinkedIn using emanuelwebbvo, or visit my website at http://www.voicedbywebb.com

Once again, this is Emanuel Webb. Thanks for your time. Peace.


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